lunedì 10 marzo 2008

Can we build our ethics upon Jesus?

Are we allowed to build modern ethics upon the “eschatological ethics” of Jesus?
My answer would be: yes and no. Yes: we can take the Kingdom-Utopia as the “polar star” guiding our moral reasoning and nourishing our hope for the future, and I’d say that, especially in the hardest times, it is a necessary step, if we don’t want desperation and resignation to the evils of the present to overcome us.
But that will always happen only asymptotically: our human forces will never make the Kingdom an effective reality on earth. That is only up to God. Until He comes, we’re stuck in the Sisyphus situation.
So, it’s clear that my positive answer is at the same time a negative answer: the Kingdom is the utopia that – by definition – lies beyond the reach of ethics. Kierkegaard would say that it is precisely what theleologically suspends and shatters all ethics.

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