sabato 22 novembre 2008

Mark’s Gospel: apocalyptic or alcohol-addicted?

Surprising and provocative, sure to cause controversy, Mark as Recovery Story interprets the Gospel of Mark in terms of alcoholism and Twelve-Step recovery. Identifying numerous previously unrecognized ambiguities in the Gospel’s Greek text, John Mellon portrays Mark’s mysterious “insider” audience as a fellowship of ex-inebriates turned waterdrinkers, alcoholics whose whose spirituality of powerlessness resembled that of Alcoholics Anonymous today.
Mellon discovers in Mark, the most enigmatic of the Jesus narratives, genre features of the former drunkard’s sobriety story, and he reconstructs the first-person story Jesus would have told on his return to Galilee, culminating his Last Supper words about wine and his Gethsemane prayer for removal the cup.
Prophetic in outlook, Mark as Recovery Story, suggest a radical new theology of the ritual drinking in Christian and Jewish worship. Academically it sheds new light on such problematic aspects of the gospel as its dual audiences, peculiar apocalyptic, clandestine content, conflicting Messianic titles, and idiosyncratic passion narrative. And it traces intertextual linkages between the message of recovery in Mark and key passages in the Bible.
(from book’s front flap)

Semplicemente straordinario. E il bello viene guardando l’indice finale degli autori citati, pieno zeppo di nomi come: M. Black, R.E. Brown, M.J. Borg, R. Bultmann, M. Casey, A.Y. Collins, H. Conzelmann, J.D. Crossan, J. Fitzmyer, P. Fredriksen, S. Freyne, J. Gager, M. Hengel, R. Horsley, J. Jeremias, H.C. Kee, H. Koester, B. Lindars, B. Mack, B.J. Malina, E.P. Sanders, E. Schillebeeckx, A. Schweitzer, G. Theissen, G. Vermes, N.T. Wright etc.
Giù il cappello. Questa sì che è SCOLAR-ship seria…

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